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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Holistic Healing different than traditional talk therapy?
 In talk therapy, you are typically staying at the mind level. You talk, from the mind, about the things happening in your life. You make the connections there, and finally figure out "why I do what I do" and that's unfortunately often where it stops. In this holistic therapeutic approach, we use a deeply sustainable, bottom-up approach. Meaning we start in the body where our trauma is stored. This allows you to heal the wound from the root creating a more lasting, profound result for you. In this approach, I use somatic experiences, energetic healing, and subconscious mind-based work to reconnect the mind, body, and soul.

How do you provide a sustainable way of transformation? I've been to a lot of therapists and know my "issues" but how do I actually heal these things?

I work with the subtle energy of your body. Intuitively, I am able to "track the energy" in your body and can feel it in my own body.


This helps us go deeper into the core of the wound much faster because energy doesn’t lie.


Our conditioned (and well-meaning) mind does.


Our minds are so clever and know how to help us avoid the things that it sees as a threat. And change is a big threat to the conditioned mind.


Together we will create an environment where you feel safe and where deep healing can happen. With me “tracking your system”, I’m able to help you break down the walls and protection mechanisms of your busy mind to help you get to the deep truth that wants to be healed.


From there, the repair process starts.


As we work together to repair this wound, you start to gain the understanding, embodiment, and tools to know and trust your inner guidance system. This is a key piece to sustainable healing. YOU have all of the answers, which is so empowering! My job is to hold the space, ask the questions, and help facilitate you as you heal yourself.

How do I know if this is the right kind of therapeutic healing for me?
--If you've been in traditional therapy on and off for years and you feel like you're ready to go to the next level of healing. Or you consider yourself pretty self-aware.
--If you know deep down that you're meant for more and you know that you're the one holding yourself back. (zero judgment or shame, I'm human too)
--You just need some guidance as you move through a life transition.
--You are ready to release stored trauma from childhood and generational wounding
--You're ready to live as your authentic self in this world and are ready to release the guilt, shame and judgment that you've been carrying for way too long.

Do you accept insurance?
Unfortunately, I do not accept insurance at this time.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! I offer payment plans on all of my services.

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