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A 4 month highly-supportive group program for heart-centered women ready to uncover her power, live confidently from her heart, and start creating a life of abundance, freedom, and deep inner peace for herself and family.

Hiii love,

You're here ♥️ Welcome! Let’s just start by saying that you’re in the right place. You were guided here for a reason-- the reason is yet to be determined. So, before you dive in, I invite you to take a deep breath… take another for good measure.. Maybe relax the tension in your shoulders… ahh, that’s better.

Now, let's dive IN.

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Embodiment Coach

Breathwork Facilitator

Guiding Women to heal and rediscover her authentic self

What is Authentically you?

♥ A 4 month highly-supportive group program for heart-centered women who are ready to do the inner work so she can create peace within herself, and lasting freedom & abundance for her family.

Who is it for?

-  Its for you if you have read countless personal development books like: “girl, wash your face” and “You are a badass” but still feel like there’s something missing (hint: embodiment)

- It's for those of you that feel you are in a constant state of worry an struggle with anxiety. Maybe you talk negatively to yourself, or pick apart your body. You know you shouldn't but you find yourself doing it anyway.

-  If you’re feeling like you’re making some progress in your personal growth, but there’s not enough concrete proof yet (like “I’ve been in this for a few years now, why don’t I FEEL abundant yet?!”)


-  Its for you if you if are ready to dive deep into unconscious patterning and uproot unhelpful, outdated beliefs so you can work towards fully embodying your new beliefs 


-  Those that are ready to speed up the manifesting process and claim what is already yours. 


-  If you’re ready to embody your next level self and feel fully supported doing it, this is for you, love.

What to expect in Authentically you?

-  Create a deep, felt sense of safety, freedom, and abundance

-  Learn how to heal your anxiety from the root, and move through it in a healthy way.

-  Gain awareness of your patterns that are keeping you where you no longer want to be.

-  Diving deep into unconscious beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

-  Embodying the beliefs that you DO want to have as a CORE belief with somatic exercises/body based experiences.

-  Have the tools necessary to continue doing this inner work. Aka the same tools and steps you need when you enter your NEXT level well after this 4-month experience

-  Your life WILL change

Why is embodiment so important?

-  Embodiment gives you the FELT sense of your goal/outcome. Rather than just talking about what it feels like. For example, we can talk about apples all day. The color, the shape, the size, the weight, the texture. We can even talk about how it would feel IF we tasted it. But in the end, we’re still not tasting it UNLESS we actually eat and experience the apple. Embodiment work is like experiencing eating the apple.

What kind of somatic exercises/body based experiences will we be doing?

- Breathwork— helps you bypass the mind (thinking about the apple) and get into your body for a more experienced based level (eating the apple) of understanding.


-  Visualization meditations— To help you visually see what you want your future to look like and help to create the feelings as if it’s already happened.

-  Journal prompts— Bringing pen to paper helps your brain be involved in the process too. This can create new levels of clarity, understanding, and inspiration.

-  Intuitive movement, mirror work, “play”work, AND many, many more energetic exercises and tools to be learned and used well beyond this experience.

Why coaching instead of traditional therapy? 


-  Embodiment coaching is like eating and experiencing the apple. Traditional talk-therapy is like talking about the apple. Both are helpful depending on where you’re at in your healing journey.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this course?

-  2-3 hours per week. We will be meeting bi-monthly for 90 minutes. The embodiment work/practices between 30 minutes-- 1.5 hours per week.

What if I don’t complete the program? What if I start it and decide I want to quit?

- Listen, if you want to leave the program, I’m okay with that. It wouldn’t benefit either of us if you were forced to stay in the program. No hard feelings here. I honor your decision to honor your own body’s timing over the timing of the group.

However, I will invite you to stay committed to your same desires you came in with even if it’s not in this program. I care so deeply about your success.

What is the investment on this program? I’ve been interested in other high-level programs but the investment is way out of my league right now.


- When I was where you are, I said the same thing. I was not in a financial position to be able to invest ANY money on ANYTHING. As a family, we were broke. The kind of broke where you can’t even get drive-thru take out because its not in the budget. It took really listening to my intuition and taking a huge leap of faith for me to invest in myself in this kind of way. 

With the tools alone, the embodiment practices, and the coaching experience I could easily charge $5000 for this program, but that doesn’t feel aligned at this time.


- What feels like a solid investment, something that feels in alignment for this 4-month experience is $1111 with the option for installments. This investment will be doubling the next time I launch it.

What if that feels like too much money right now?

I completely get it. Investing in yourself in a big way (especially if it's your first time) feels sh*t-your-pants kind of terrifying.


I’ll invite you to check in with yourself and ask yourself a few questions:

- What happens if I don’t invest? Where will I be in the next 4-6 months?

- What happens if I DO invest in this way? Where could I be in the next 4-6 months?

- Is it really about the money? Or do I feel like I’m not deserving of investing in myself like this? (It could be the worthiness wound showing up again)

- Does this investment feel right even though it goes against my conditioning of “it's not okay to spend money on myself”?

Check in with yourself and if the answer is still a no— that’s okay. This investment is such a personal decision and there’s no one right answer.

What if I still want to work with you but this feels like too much?


-  There are other ways to work with me at a lower price point or even free. You can start with The Breath Experience if that feels good for you or a single breathwork session. 

What if I’m ready to sign up? What happens next?

- First, jump up and down and celebrate yourself! You just decided to commit to up-leveling your life— that's a HUGE deal!!

- Next, you’ll fill out the application. This is basically just to help you get your ideas onto paper and reflect on what it is you’re truly desiring out of this program and if it aligns with the program goals/outcomes.

- Then we get to hop on a quick, 15-minute fun “get to know you” kind of phone call and I’ll answer any lingering questions that you might have.



“I chose to work with Miranda because I was ready to face and heal my deep seeded fears and self-doubt about going after the life I knew I wanted and deserved. She has an amazing way of getting you out of your head and tapping into your body/intuition (where the magic happens.) She provides a supportive safe space for inner healing. She really understands the complexity of our human emotions and how to work WITH them to propel ourselves forward. She's given me tools I will continue to use the rest of my life. Working with Miranda has helped turn my crippling self-doubt into true confidence and most importantly trust and faith in myself. I am very grateful!”

--Allyssa Figley, Ohio


Miranda has this beautiful gift to heal others and she taught me to look at my experiences with a different perspective. She knows how to unlock parts of yourself that you never knew you had.”

—Riley Galvin, Iowa 

Within a week of deciding to work with Miranda, my life turned upside down in the most beautiful way imaginable. Simply saying yes to my own personal growth and power gave me the courage to leave a toxic living situation, end a relationship, and step into a bigger role at my job, and that was only the beginning.


Miranda is an exceptional guide on this journey. From before I even officially decided to work with her, she spoke to me in such a caring and empowering way. She never talks me into any thoughts or decisions instead allowing me the space to find the answers within my own body. I would recommend her coaching to my friends, family, or anyone who is feeling called to live with more trust and alignment."

--Kaelyn Thede, Seattle 


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