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Pink Sugar

A little more about me...

I love guiding women to remember who they are...

I'm a momma two two incredible boys, a wife to a supportive, kick-ass husband, a mentor of a highly respected breathwork company and a lover of a great cup of coffee.

I used to be the person searching externally for everything. I hustled hard to make things happen, I forced my way through life, tried to keep it all together with the most perfect smile on my face. I hid my crippling anxiety under layers of "I'm doing great!". Everything I did came from a place of not feeling like I was good enough.


In 2019, I found a trauma-informed life healing program that changed my life forever. It sounds dramatic, yes. But, It was truly life-changing. I got to know myself on a deep, deep level. I started healing parts of me that I didn't even know existed. My relationships got richer, my relationship to my anxiety shifted from fearful to understanding, I started to actually understand and feel that my worth was not attached to anything (I'm worthy just because I am, and so are you), I no longer put so much pressure on myself to be perfect, I stopped giving so much  about what other people thought of me, I started listening to and trusting myself and intuition (which meant no more googling stupid shit for hours on end), I started to create the fulfillment, freedom and impact that I'd almost given up hope on. I finally felt my truth and felt safe to stand powerfully in it!

My mission at Miranda Tiller Company is to help you wake up to who you really are too. To help you shed social conditioning, remove the identities, the roles and the masks that we are told to wear. To help you know, love, and trust yourself on a deep level so that you can start confidently showing up in this world as your authentic, powerful self. Only then will the abundance, fulfillment, impact and freedom truly last.


  • Hungry for Happiness Life Coaching Certification. A 400 hour, intensive certification program. 

  • Pause Breathwork Facilitator. A 7 month certification program.

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