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I'm Done with Fake It Till You Make It Culture

There’s a lot of “fake it took you make it” in this culture, don’t you think?

Im raising my hand here too. I’ve faked it until I made it way too many times.

And every time, I STILL felt not good enough.

I ignored that part of me that felt so much self doubt. Shoved her down and just let her sit there to be with her fear.


Until that part of me decided to blow up at a big moment and sabotage a big opportunity. Every-Single-Time. My unhealed self doubt was my biggest sabotagger. (Just made a new word, hey)

If you find yourself taking the action towards the life you want to create or the business you desire to start, but self sabotage creeps up and steals your biggest moments

1. you’re not alone

2. You can heal that part of you so self sabotage doesn’t take control again

But first, we gotta go DEEP.

We gotta get to the root and heal that ish with a lot of compassion. We need to figure out what this part needs so that it stops showing up at the most inconvenient times.

Ditch the self doubt and self sabotage. Anchor in self confidence so you can create the life that you envision for yourself.

If you need help, I’m here. xo


NEXT TUESDAY November 16th I will be hosting my "3 Step Process to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs" Workshop! I want to help you connect in to your intuition and your soul, you're going to love this workshop :)

Are you ready to build a solid foundation of confidence as you step into creating your ideal life?!

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