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What Parts of You Are You Hiding Behind?

Ever feel like you always have to be “on”?

Like you have to be doing ALL the things and doing ALL the things perfectly (or making it seem like that)?

Raising my hand here too, boo.

That’s not who you are though.

That’s just a part of you.

The part of you that is scared to be seen for who she really is.

The part that is scared that if she shows the people in her life that she doesn’t always have it together that she won’t be loved.

That’s the part of you that only feels worthy or enough when she’s killing it at life.

I have that part of me too.

And I used to let her run the show.

I’d wear the mask of “everything is great!” when in reality, things were definitely NOT okay.

I’ve learned to heal this part of me.

Sure, she still comes up from time to time, but I have a different relationship with her.

I see her as a scared, younger, vulnerable version of me who only wants to be loved for who she is.

So I give her the love and validation that she needs.

If your “perfectionist” is running the show right now, can you accept her? Love on her?

Tell her that you see her?

Tell her that she is worthy of love because she just IS?

Let her know that you have it from here and that she doesn’t need to have it all together because YOU as the evolved woman sees her and loves her for who she is?

When we can start to see the world as our true selves, beings of love, we stop needing these parts of us to run the show.

There becomes no need for masks or hiding behind perfection.

It’s so freeing to give ourselves the love, validation, safety that we need instead of constantly searching for that externally.

What parts of you are you hiding behind? What would it feel like to fully be your true, authentic self in this world?


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