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I'm not "Too Much" and Neither Are You

Something I’m stepping into right now is allowing myself to be seen in a bigger way. I’m in the process of accepting and standing in my “bigness”. I’m owning my “too much-ness”. It feels uncomfortable yet liberating. I used to be jealous of that trait -- just a reflection of what I desired but didn’t see within me yet.

The old belief:

It’s not safe to be in my “bigness”. I can’t be seen as “too much”.

It all started with a twinge of jealousy in my belly. Instead of looking at the other person as if she’s “too much”, turn inward and notice where you’re judging yourself for being “too much”.

There’s a hidden belief there. Unconsciously believing that it’s not safe to be bold. Or big. Or too much. Or too loud.

Because maybe you were told to quiet down a lot as a kid. So you dimmed your light to stay safe.

You found that when you dimmed your light, you didn’t get in trouble and you were liked.

So being quiet, dimming yourself=being liked and being safe.

Being too much=Unsafe and rejected.

Ya feel me?

This is just an example of what my unconscious beliefs kept telling me.. That kept me stuck. It took an insane awareness, a deep knowing of myself, to be able to dig into those beliefs and find the root.

But once you go through the shit, you come out stronger and more of who you really are.

And becoming my most authentic self has made me the person I am today in front of you all.


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