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The Secret To Freedom and Abundance

Want to know the secret to more freedom and abundance?

Align with it.

Don’t hustle for it.

In order to actually FEEL these concepts, you must do the embodiment work.

You must create the felt sense of freedom and abundance in your body before they can actually show up physically in your world.

I know, it’s the opposite of what we’ve been taught since birth.

We’ve been taught scarcity and lack.

We’ve been taught that if we want freedom and abundance that we have to hustle and work hard in order to “make it”.

We’ve been taught that it has to be a struggle if we actually want freedom and abundance.

It’s not true, boo.

(I’ve tried the hustle way for years and it’s no bueno. Plus, it always leaves you feeling like you have to always be “on”)

Inner freedom and abundance is actually engrained in us since before we were born.

We are already free and abundant.

It’s just been forgotten.

Once you learn to align with what you want, it comes into your reality faster than if you were to hustle for it.


The energy of hustle is like chasing after a rabbit. It’s exhausting and forceful.

The energy of alignment is like holding out a carrot for this bunny and allowing the space for it to come to you.

Both energies CAN get you want you want.

But which feels less exhausting and simpler?

Idk about you but I’m going with the second option.

In order to align, we first get to learn how to get out of our own way.

This takes the courageous effort to look at the hidden beliefs and patterns that have been keeping you stuck rather than avoiding them.

It takes intentional healing.

It takes patience, courage, intention and awareness.

It takes a remembering of who you truly are.


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