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Your Subconscious Beliefs are Holding You Back

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Do you know that almost all of what we do— our habits, our beliefs— are subconscious?

Meaning, we have these agreements in our mind and body that we have no conscious awareness to.

This is what’s running the show. These beliefs are what’s getting us our current life results.

Have you ever felt..

-It’s selfish to take regular time for myself

-I have to take care of my family before I take care of me. Taking care of my family us more important than my own needs.

-Money is hard to come by. I have to work really hard to get it.

-I can’t be a successful coach/entrepreneur/career woman AND be a present mom

-It’s not the best use of my money to invest in myself when money is tight.

These beliefs are what is keeping you stuck.

How many of the above do you consciously believe? And unconsciously believe? (Okay, you won’t be able to answer the unconscious beliefs because you don’t know them yet 🤪)

It is so important to dive deep into your unconscious beliefs and programming to “hack” your growth. I don’t recommend putting Band-Aids on deep wounds. Aka, don’t work at the behavior level, go deeper, go to the root of what’s keeping you stuck.

Are you ready to start healing so that you can finally create and sustain freedom and abundance for yourself and your family? Because I am so ready to help you.

If this spoke to you, shoot me a dm @MirandaTiller on Instagram :)



Have you tried Breathwork yet?!

Breathwork has become a huge topic of conversation in the wellness community as of recently, and most don’t understand the true benefits that come from it! It is one of my favorite exercises to use with my clients. Here are a few common benefits to breathwork:

  • Immediate stress reduction & anxiety relief.

  • Connect with your emotions & change your response to them. Revitalizes your organs.

  • Gives you access to your higher power.

  • Reduces toxins in your body & provides an energetic release. More energy & mental clarity.

  • Deepens your relationship to your body.

  • Release trauma that has been stuck in your system for years

Sign up for that here!

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