True freedom & abundance starts from within

Rediscover your Authentic Self

Uncover, know, & trust your truest self. Develop deep inner trust & claim your abundance and freedom.


Hi love! I'm Miranda Tiller. I'm a full time Embodiment coach and Breathwork Facilitator. I spent years struggling, trying to find abundance and freedom for my young family. I was always left wondering if I'd ever feel abundant and experience a deep sense of freedom. I hustled hard to find it. This hustle energy showed up everywhere-- always rushing through life, creating a lot of stress and anxiety for myself and unknown to me at the time: my family.

This shifted when I decided to go on a deep internal journey. I wanted to uncover why I felt so broken. Why couldn't I experience freedom and abundance?! Was it just not available to me? Did I have to work harder? What was the secret to this freedom and abundance that others are experiencing?

I finally uncovered the truth of who I was, rediscovered my abundance, creating freedom for my family, and am still healing a lot of trauma along the way. Through breathwork and other body-based energy healing techniques, I uncovered my Authentic Self.

It's my mission to help you rediscover the truth of who you are too so that you can create freedom and abundance for your life and family too.


How I Can Help You