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It's time to rediscover your innate wisdom.
It's time to Heal


About Me

Hi love! I'm so glad you're here! I'm Miranda Tiller. I'm a Holistic Somatic Practitioner & Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator and a momma of 2 wild boys.

I am on a mission to help humans around the world feel seen, heard, and loved for who they are. I believe that every human deserves love because that is what we all are: love.

In my work, I help to guide you back to your inner truth, and your internal guidance system in order to help you live a fuller, more authentic life according to your own heart-centered desires.

I use a holistic approach with modalities that pull from modern Psychology, Somatic, and Energy work in order to help you heal from trauma, anxiety, body image challenges, loss of identity, challenging life transitions, and more.

Together, we will create a safe space where you can heal and transform your life. 


How I Can Help You


“Embody and Expand was powerful. I was surprised at how much came up during just our introductory call! I had been looking for a way to tune more into my body and Miranda delivered an amazing experience.


Before starting Embody and Expand, I mostly wanted to be able to tune into my body more when I am making decisions so that I can tap into the inner wisdom I know is there. And that definitely happened. Your inner child work helped me to tap into and explore some experiences that I had never considered. I'm a person who usually lives in my head, and E&E really helped take me out of my head and into my body.


Miranda has a beautiful, gentle soul & super-human intuition for how to support you through a difficult moment. I trust her fully and completely, through the most vulnerable moments. And have already recommended Miranda to close friends and family of mine. You will love working with Miranda. She is a glowing, healing breath of fresh air!”

Embody & Expand Group Program Client


Des Moines, IA 50327



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