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Anxiety Stole Years of My Life

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Anxiety stole years of joy from my life..

I mean I was physically here— but mentally, I was always checked out.

Constantly worried.

Worried about my kids (even when I was with them), the way my body looked, the foods we were eating, how much money we were (or weren’t) making..

My brain functioned like this:

1. Worry about everything

2. Get exhausted from worry

3. Numb out, suppress, avoid

4. Exercise super hard to feel anything

5. Feel guilty for treating myself like that


Part of me knew that this wasn’t okay. Normal? Yes, probably, given the society we live in. Anxiety is so normal.

But I just thought that I’d live my life like this forever.

I thought I’d always...

👉struggle with anxiety

👉talk negatively to myself

👉 pick apart my body

👉feel this pressure to overexert myself with exercise

Deep down, this was a worthiness issue that no amount of perfect mantras, weight loss, make-up, and spray tans could fix.

Underneath the anxiety was a woman desperate to just love herself.

I knew that I didn’t want to go the traditional medicine route (zero judgement to those that do— all love here) For me, exercise felt like a better option.

But again, that was just another bandaid solution.

The true cure for me?👇

Getting to know myself deeper. Accepting all parts of myself. And choosing daily to heal.

My healing modality of choice: 🌬Breathwork. And community.💕

Breathwork has been the catalyst in my healing journey which is why I’m so passionate about sharing it with other souls who feel like they will never escape their anxiety either.

My invitation to you is to just try it. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Want to give breathwork a try?

Sign up for my FREE 5 day breathwork challenge here!

Sending you all the love and healing vibes today ✨♥️

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