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What is Real vs. What is True

What is real vs what is true..

Our emotions feel really really real. And while they are valid, they aren’t always what is true.

Anxiety. Fear. Worry.

We become so identified with these feelings and adopt them as truth.

So we put labels on ourselves to really anchor them in.

“I AM an anxious person”

“I AM a worrier”

What if instead of labeling and identifying with these sensations, you could allow yourself to feel the feeling and release the identity/attachment to them?

“I am FEELING anxious”

“I am FEELING worried”

We can feel the feeling AND know that we are not the feeling. Ya feel meh?! (So much feeling, I know😅)

With embodiment practices (like my fave: breathwork) we get to know our TRUE nature: LOVE.

So, we can feel both sensations at the same time. The anxiety AND the love.

It takes practice, patience, compassion and awareness.

It’s not a bandaid’s HEALING, babe.

Want to give breathwork a try?

Sign up for my FREE 5 day breathwork challenge here!

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